What Happens When I Lie To My Girlfriend?

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Brain Strain

As you furiously back-pedal, your brain whirrs into a frenzy of activity. Extra blood is sent to your anterior cingulate – the part of the brain associated with conflict resolution – fuelling the untruth. The hippocampus – tasked with visualisation – helps to expand on it. Next time you are in a jam, keep sharp by spreading peanut butter on your toast. It’s high in brain-boosting vitamin E to help you think on your feet.

Eyes Left

When it comes to lying, your eyes are always looking to bust you – as your girlfriend confers with them, they can’t help but give the game away. They start to wander shiftily as she waves your not-so-well hidden porn in your face. As you protest, you glance up and to the left, accessing the hippocampus as it visualizes a way out of this tight spot. Remember this little clue when dealing with mechanics or dodgycar salesmen.

Speak No Evil

While your brain is busy thinking of an excuse, your mouth has to fend for itself, and all it can manage is mutterings. When you finally think of what to say, it comes out all at once, as you rush to prove your innocence. While you are blabbering away, you also try to gain her trust by adopting a submissivetone and raising the pitch of your voice an octave or two.

Face The Music

Not only can’t you look at her, you can’t even face her. As you explain how your trip to the pub was a business event, you turn your body away. A defensive gesture, your anxiety drives an urge to protect your vital organs, even if there is no physical threat. Next time your boss talks promotions, ask him while standing in front of him. If he turns, it’s time to move.

Sign Language

Bend the truth, and your hand will gravitate to your mouth, where it’ll try to mask the deception sprouting from your lips. And while one hand heads to your mouth, the other clenches into a fist, as the fear of being caught causes you to tense up. These hand gestures aren’t just for those doing thelying, but those who think they are being lied to.

Fibbing Feet
After 20 minutes of grilling, your legs want to escape. They start by tapping to relieve nervousness. When this fails, your fight or flight response kicks in. But with nowhere to run or hide, you have to settle for shifting from foot to foot. When using this to detect a lie, remember that a toe tap on its own can be a sign of nervousness. But if someone takes a sneaky glance at the door at the same time, they’re looking for a sharp exit.

Facts Of Life


In a study of 147 people, both men and women were shown to lie in 20 percent of their social exchanges lasting 10 or more minutes; and in a week they lie 30 percent of the time ( in one-to-one interactions).

**Source:** Dr Bella DePaulo, Psychologist at the University of Virginia

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