What Does Her Shape Reveal About Her Sex Life?

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Hips don’t lie: ever wondered what you can learn about her sex life judging by her hips? Probably not, but a new study suggests a link between women’s body shape and their time in the sack.

According to the researchers of the study, the wider her hips (14, 2 inches or greater span between their pelvis bones), the more sexual partners she has had (psst… Does She Deserve A Spanking?)

It was a one-night stand: the study further suggests that those partners were most likely one-night stands and not sex with a partner in a committed relationship. Pelvis measurements were even wider (by 0, 8 inches) for women who didn’t have mainly single sexual encounters when one-night stands accounted for over ¾ of a woman’s sexual encounters.

The authors of the study say such tendencies “stem from human evolution and the knowledge that women with wider hips have an easier time giving birth which may afford them more sexual freedom, however they state no causality can be determined from these study results.