We Asked 5 Insta-Beauties One Question: What Makes Women Follow Guys On Instagram?

Time to lay off the selfies, guys

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Ever wondered what women find attractive when they click on your Instagram profile?

So you’ve posted countless selfies and videos of you sweating it out in the gym, but the ladies just aren’t liking and following you back. This puzzles you on a daily basis but you’re not a quitter, so you take more selfies – switch up the angle a little bit – and increase your arsenal of arm-day snaps to post later. This might not be the best idea.

The team at MH did some DM sliding and reached out to five women who know a thing or two about getting followers on the ‘gram. You should recognize them if you’ve ever hit the explore page on your Instagram. So get your notepads out for these lessons that we learned from Nadia Jaftha, Marciel Hopkins, Kim Jayde Robinson, Jade Upton and Rushana Isaacs.

This video was originally posted on our IGTV channel, be sure to follow us here for more great visual stories. Here are the Insta-Do’s and Don’ts that you should remember if you want your crush to follow you back:

Get Some Sense. Fashion Sense

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“I really get style inspiration from guys sometimes,” says Rushana Isaacs, a professional make-up artist and beauty guru whose effortless style is nothing short of majestic. This Capetonian babe also has a love for fitness and food (although we’re still not sure which she loves more).

The 24-year old has earned over 67 000 (UPDATE: now 100k) followers on Instagram and 60 000 YouTube subscribers, making her a trustworthy source for tips on how to get your Insta-bae to follow you back, while making your social presence that much more appealing. So if your personality and swagger shines in your posts and you think your profile meets her expectations – or you just need someone to crush on – follow her: @rushanaisaacs

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Show Your Squad


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At the @ozologicasa launch ?

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Fashion and lifestyle blogger Nadia Jaftha briefly mentions that a guy’s posts should feature members of his clique to show that he is interactive and has a social life. As far as excessive selfies and body pics go… It’s a no from Nadia. The fit fashionista keeps her Instagram audience of 181k (UPDATE: now 363k) entertained by posting hilarious videos (often featuring her mom), along with her daily outfits and travel photography, all while maintaining a flowing aesthetic throughout her feed. Be sure to give Nadia a follow and a like (or more, who’s counting): @nadiajaftha

Just make sure that your posse is present on your profile.

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Love Your Environment

Take care of Mother Nature and you might get a nod of approval from another natural beauty, Marciel Hopkins. The international model says that environmental and world awareness can play a huge part in whether she follows back or not. This doesn’t mean that you should go hug a tree after every arms day, bro (although she did say she likes a good set of shoulders). Marciel is using her model status to help inspire women to embrace who they are both on the inside and out. So if you don’t want to be curved by this curvaceous cover girl, then you best become more eco-friendly. You can follow Marciel’s adventures on Instagram: @marcielhopkins

If you’re still confused about how you can be better towards the environment, here’s a list of simple ways you can save the world every day, as well as eco-friendly outfits that are good for the planet and for your wardrobe.

Hit The Gym. And Actually Work Out!

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“A guy who’s functionally strong in the gym, who can do a warrior race and come out smiling.”

Although this requirement may sound daunting, it’s very easy to understand why Jade Upton would ask this of a guy – She’s a fitness freak. So you best spend your time wisely when you’re working out. You’re not going to gain any muscle figuring out your selfie angle. Your sprint speed won’t become any quicker when you’re rushing to the mirror after every set.

So make sure you take care of yourself, inside and outside of the gym. You never know, you might pop up on Jade’s radar.

Jade is a qualified biokineticist and fitness entrepreneur, she enjoys encouraging others to achieve their fitness-best. We featured her previously as one of the fitfluencers that you should follow on IGTV. And her Instagram is pure gym motivation. Give her a follow: @unjadedfitness

Don’t Be A Womaniser

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Blogger, model and award-winning TV presenter Kim Jayde Robinson is known for her golden personality, undeniable beauty and her impeccable fashion sense (including sneakers. Lots of them). She was eager to help us out in our search for tips on how men can improve their Insta profiles.

Kim Jayde gave a four-step follow-back formula: 1. Your style game should be on point. 2. Captions are key. 3. Don’t take more selfies than her (please) and 4. Don’t be a womaniser. The Zimbabwean bombshell does not approve of men who put up photos with a different woman nearly every time they post. “Make It Stop!”

Stick to those rules and the ladies will follow you back – maybe even Kim. Find her on Instagram and show some love: @kimjayde

We also asked our neighbour Amy Hopkins of Women’s Health on what would make her click that follow button. She narrowed it down to three points:

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When it comes to following ‘regular’ guys – not celebrities like The Rock – who I don’t actually know on Instagram, here is what has attracted me to their accounts:

  • They can do really cool shit – whether it’s a from-crow-to-handstand yoga pose or some crazy technical mountain biking jumps, I’m intrigued by the display of skill and strength. It’s aspirational. That said, videos of pumping weights at the gym does nothing for me.
  • I like beautiful landscapes and scenery. Shots that draw you in and make you want to ‘be there’. Yes, I’m no snowflake. So cool shots of guys trail running – shirtless is a bonus – through the mountains or stand-up-paddling boarding on gorgeous lakes all work for me. Think of it as fitness-meets-travel or adventure.
  • Training programmes interest me, because I’m also looking at ways to improve myself. For example, how those Iron Men are getting ready for their next triathlon or how many kms is that guy putting in before his first Comrades? Are they doing hill repeats and sprints? I like seeing unique behind-the-scenes training. It’s fascinating.

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