Vegan Secrets That Boost Your Sex Drive

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Ever wonder about going vegan?

According to Medical Daily, Veganism can boost your sexual stamina, increasing your natural lubrication and giving you more energy under the covers.

The animal-free vegan diet has become a more natural, healthy diet for some people who either have food intolerances to dairy or who firmly believe in environmental issues and animal rights. While living on a diet that consists of mainly fruits, grains, vegetables, leafy greens, legumes, nuts, and seeds may not sound fun, going vegan can boost your sex drive and keep your body nourished during hours and hours of sex.


Feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in is necessary to boost your sex drive in between the sheets. If you’re self-conscious about your skin, you are less likely to be confident during sex. A vegan diet can help you achieve smooth, silky, and glowing skin because it contains a higher content of vitamin C — essential for collagen metabolism increasing the elasticity of your skin — found in fruits and vegetables.



Going on a vegan diet can actually make you physically taste appetizing to your partner — without adding any outside substances on your body. It is commonly believed fruits such as pineapples can give semen a better flavor by counteracting the acidic taste, according to a study done by the website Pork and Gin. Six heterosexual couples agreed to have one partner eat pineapple and the other to rate overall quality and sweetness of their “sex wee” for a week. Although the findings of the study should be proceeded with caution since there was no blinding, no randomization, and no control group, the researchers found eating pineapple can make a significance difference to both the overall taste and sweetness of bodily juices.



Vegan foods can naturally increase lubrication for women because of the high water volume in fruits and vegetables that are responsible in keeping the body hydrated. Cucumbers, watermelon and cantaloupe can also help hydrate the skin, lump out fine lines, and give a radiant glow. Foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acid such as sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin, salmon, among others, can help nourish and tonify a woman who suffers from vaginal dryness. Naturally increasing lubrication can eliminate those moments of reaching for the lube during sex by making both men and women feel more at ease and less self-conscious about their performance and bodies.



“Cutting meat and dairy products out of your diet is a great way to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure naturally and help get your equipment back in working condition,” according to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Going on a vegan diet can help with weight loss in men, and therefore lead to an increase in penis length. The more blood flow to a man’s penis, the more likely women are bound to experience multiple orgasms.


If you want to last longer in between the sheets, you need to increase your energy naturally. A vegan diet that is high in fruit content can provide more sustainable energy that will not lead to the “sugar crash” usually seen in processed sugar. For example, a banana is high in potassium, which is a nutrient that helps in sex-hormone production and boosts energy. Other energy boosting foods known as vegan aphrodisiacs include chocolate and nuts.



Consuming fruits and veggies can effectively increase serotonin levels — the happy chemical — which can lead to the desire to have more sex. According to a 2012 study published in the Nutrition Journal, those who don’t eat any meat tend to be happier and less stressed than those who eat meat. The team of researchers attributed this to the presence of fatty acids, specifically arachidonic acid (AA) — an animal source of omega-6 fatty acids — which can cause mood-disturbing changes in the brain at high levels.

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