Undo a Bra Strap With One Hand

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Requirements: a willing participant, breasts enclosed in a bra, dexterous fingers and nerves of steel.

Optional: an agreeable friend to practise on.


Warm your hands. Cold hands are not sexy or subtle.

Suss out

Slowly place your hand under her top. If you are redirected, take it like a gentleman. If your participant seems willing, linger for a moment at first base, then make a move to locate her bra strap when the mood seems right.


Determine if the bra is back- or front-fastening. A back-fastening bra will have about 10cm of thicker fabric in the centre of the strap. Find the spot where the two layers overlap; this is where it clasps. If you cannot feel anything at the back, then feel between her breasts for a front-fastening clasp.

*If you still haven’t successfully located the fastening, you could possibly have a pullover sports bra on your hands. Do not be discouraged and bare your primary mission in mind. Simply lift
it up and over.


For a back-fastening bra: place fingers on either side of the overlapping fabric and pinch together. This should release the little hooks.