Turn Sunscreen into Massage Oil

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She’s asked you to apply some sunscreen to her back. Now is your chance to rub her up the right way.

Step 1

Pick a sunscreen that contains grape seed extract. Its emollient (moisturising) qualities make it a common choice for massage oils.

Step 2

Have her sit on the sand and kneel behind her. This way she’s grounded and won’t squirm when you start applying pressure.

Step 3

Squirt a dollop into your hand. Rub your palms together to warm it up. With your wrists together, wrap your hands around the back of her neck; apply slow, even pressure and slide back and forth to spread the lotion. Ease your way onto the top of her shoulders and repeat.

Step 4

Form a soft fist and put sunscreen on your knuckles. Use them to massage from the base of her neck down both sides of her spine. Open your palms, add more sunscreen and rub your hands from the top of her neck to her lower back.

Step 5

With sunscreen on your open palms, graze your hands down her ribcage on both sides. Move slowly so it doesn’t tickle.

Step 6

Apply pressure with your thumb to her lower back (just above her bikini line) and then on her neck (where her bikini ties). Move in small, slow circles all the way up and down the sides of her spine. Women carry tension in all these areas.

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