Turn On The Taps

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Sweat is good. Stink? Not so much. Use your odour to win her over.

Women are more sensitive to body odour than men are, according to a study by scientists at the Monell Chemical Senses Centre. Men and women were asked to rate the strength of underarm odour alone and when fragrances were used to block underarm odour. Male underarm odour was harder to block with fragrances than female underarm odour – suggesting that sweat conveys important information to women, which is why it’s so hard to block their perception of body odour. So that doesn’t mean you should give up on deo. To tap into sweat’s seductive powers, play touch rugby, volley ball or group frisbee on the beach – women find men who take part in team sports as more desirable mates. Mate-attracting pheromones are excreted by scent glands in your skin as you sweat. Neither of you will consciously notice the pheromones, but they register in the part of your brain that controls sexual urges and triggers desire.

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