I Tried a Vector Prostate Massager And It Hit the Spot, Literally

It’s the ideal toy for anyone interested in butt stuff.

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“How much better can a prostate massager get?” was the first question I asked myself when I unpacked We-Vibe’s newest prostate-focused sex toy for men: The Vector. Most prostate massagers are already great, hitting the P-spot both literally and metaphorically. Besides, what can actually be new? The number of vibrations and speeds? No, since nearly all vibrating massagers come with various pulses and powers. The fact that it’s waterproof? Again, most are waterproof or at least water-resistant. So what would the Vector give me that I wasn’t getting elsewhere?

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After holding the light-weight toy in my hand, I noticed that the Vector actually looks like a sex toy designed for women, due to its C-shape. Many vaginal-specific toys have a similar shape to stimulate both the clitoris externally and the vagina internally. Personally, I’m unaware of any C-shaped prostate massagers besides the Vector.

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The powerful dual motors target prostate and perineum, two highly sensitive erogenous zones.

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It turns out the Vector is C-shaped because it doesn’t just massage your prostate, it also stimulates your perineum, which is the space between your anus and scrotum. The perineum is a highly erogenous zone, yet it’s often ignored. No one really thinks to stimulate it during oral, manual, or penetrative sex…at least, neither I nor my partners do.

When I was done analysing it, I decided to give it the old college try. I put some water-based lube on the part that you actually insert inside of yourself, as well as on the bulb meant to press against your perineum. While you’re able to move both heads of the toy, I didn’t have to, since they were already in a position that hit my angles.

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You should always use a lube with a good-quality your sex toys.

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Like most prostate massagers, the Vector isn’t huge. That’s because the prostate is located 5-8 centimetres inside of you. (Thus, an eight centimetre prostate massager is not only superfluous, it’s potentially less effective.)

The head of the device slid in easily, given that it’s made of silky smooth silicone. I repositioned the external part of the Vector so it touched the centre of my perineum. Then I turned it on, and began using the wireless remote controller to find the pulsating rumble that I like. Once I found it, I turned the pressure to full blast – this is one of those things where the stronger the vibration is, the better it’s going to feel. (While this isn’t the case for everyone, I suspect that most users will feel the same way.)

It felt amazing, better than other prostate massagers because of the external perineum vibrations. Without applying pressure to your perineum, the Vector would have been fine, just like every other good prostate massager. But having both the internal and external pressure together compounded to create an intense full-body orgasm that you can’t get with just your run-of-the-mill vibrating butt plug. You need both to really shake things up.

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The Vector is ideal for men new to prostate stimulation as well as men like me, who’ve been doing it for quite a while. Despite its small stature, it’s a mighty beast and does exactly what it needs to do.

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The ditto is a slightly cheaper version but still packs a punch!

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The only thing left for to me to do is to try out the We-Vibe app, which allows your partner to actually change the vibrations and pressure of the Vector using their phone. Next time I’m away on press trip, I’m going to let my partner take control of the reigns and see how that feels.

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