Touch Her And Turn On The Heat

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WHEN The moment she arrives.
HOW Go French and kiss her gently on each cheek says Dr Simon Moore, co-author of Complete
Psychology (
WHY a recent University of California study found two light, quick kisses was the most positive potential greeting for a member of the opposite sex on a date.

WHEN On the way to the restaurant.
HOW “Initiate non-predatory, non-sexual contact as quickly as possible,” says Judi James, author of The Body Language Bible (R135 “Think of it as a ‘checking’ touch.”
WHY A study by Missouri Western University in the US found even as light hand brush on the upper arm
Was enough to cement a positive opinion of the giver.

WHEN Arriving at the restaurant.
HOW “help her out of her coat while you continue talking,” says Moore touch at least one shoulder cleanly.
WHY In a study at DePauw University in the Us, volunteers were able to communicate “love” to a blindfolded stranger’s shoulder with78% accuracy.

WHEN SHOWing her to her seat.
HOW “Her back is a hugely sexual area,” says James. “Start with non-sexual, flat-hand touching–you aren’t playing a piano–before graduating to light finger play as the evening progresses: later, try running your fingers in small semicircles on her back.”
WHY “this is a non-personal area, so a great place to stroke if you’re not yet certain that anything more obvious would be welcome,” says James.

WHEN Anytime you really make her laugh.
HOW you’re already one nil up. “as you sell your punch line, touch her palm, almost accidentally as you gesticulate,” says Moore. “if she touches you back, keep this up –increasing duration each time you make a key point or reach a punch line.”
WHY “her hands, mouth and tongue have the most sensory representation in her brain–and are the most responsive to touch,” explains Us sex therapist Nan Wise. As you won’t be touching her mouth or Tongue yet, her hands are your best bet.

WHEN She’s finished her main course.
HOW Her temperature is building: it’s time for a definitive move, says James. “The inside of her lower arm–near her wrist – is your target.”
WHY A Kinsey Institute study sHOWed the wrist was one of a woman’s most responsive areas.

WHEN As you’re leaving the restaurant.
HOW Don’t whip her into your body, Flamenco dancer-style, but execute a gentle, non-pressing arm around her waist, says James. “Just keep away from her stomach–women are uncomfortable being touched there.”
WHY Close proximity to your body heat will raise hers. Plus ,a Queen’s University study in Canada, found women take sexual clues from “safe” touch, such as around her waist.

WHEN Hailing a taxi for your next stop.
HOW Open the car door for her and take her hand.
WHY “This is a friendly, affectionate gesture and strengthens your bond,” says James. A study by the University of Illinois found that even (seemingly) incidental contact like this between tutors and students could significantly strengthen their bond.

WHEN In a late-night bar, alone.
HOW It’s do or die time. “Reach over and gently stroke the back of her knee or top of her calf,” says Wise. “Areas like these and her underarms are both underrated and extremely erogenous.” Just don’t go for her underarms on date one.
WHY “Skin surfaces that don’t get a lot of attention are more sensitive to touch because they haven’t been exposed to as many stimuli,” says Wise.
Cheque please…

WHEN As you’re relaxing on the ride home.
HOW “Run your fingers around her palm, before gently meshing your fingers with hers,” says James.
WHY “This mimics HOW your bodies interconnect during intercourse,” says James. It’s a protective and intimate move that should get you invited in for coffee.

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