Three Hot Foreign Sex Positions That Are Guaranteed To Spice Up Your Love Life

Take these moves and turn your bedroom into an international hotspot

Tired of reaching into your usual bag of tricks every time you hit the bedroom? Take a cue from guys across the globe and spice up your sex life with some international flair. Try these hot moves from foreign countries that will drive any woman wild. (Bonus points if she speaks with an accent.)

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The Elephant (Italy and France)

Also called the “lazy doggy”: The woman lies on her belly, often with a pillow placed under her stomach to prop up her hips. You penetrate from behind, using your arms to support your torso.

The Hot Factor: This doggy modification gives you the naughty thrill of rear entry but with an added dose of romance. “Your bodies remain quite close, so you’re still able to kiss,” says Gaia Polloni, M.Sc., a sex therapist in Milan. There’s also a pleasurable payoff: “The pillow under her helps provide G-spot stimulation,” she says.

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The Lotus (Spain)

She sits in your lap, her legs wrapped around your waist (so your bodies create the shape of a flower).

The Hot Factor: In Spain, It represents sexual freedom: “In the ’70s, movies with sex scenes were forbidden. We went to France to see them,” says Belen Molinuevo, a sexuality instructor at Syracuse University in Madrid. “The Last Tango in Paris, one of the most popular, features ‘the lotus.’ It’s still in our minds.”

For Americans, it symbolises connection. “American couples often avoid eye contact. Even with missionary, the guy puts his head to the side,” says Brandy Engler, Psy.D., a Los Angeles sex therapist. But with the lotus, you’re truly face-to-face. Eyes open, guys!

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Missionary, with Attitude (Netherlands)

This is normal missionary position—except for one titillating tweak: Your partner is spread-eagle.

The Hot Factor: The way your girlfriend positions her body can subconsciously signal a shift in her sexual attitude. “The more open the woman’s body is—spreading her legs or arms wide—the more vulnerable she is,” says Engler. “That makes the encounter feel more erotic, and less guarded.”

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