The Shorter the Better

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When a woman describes her ideal guy the most popular description for this ‘perfect’ guy is normally tall, dark and handsome. They swoon over these men because of their physical attractiveness and the short men undergo stigmatization because of their less appealing stature. But according to new research a study has found that short men actually make better mates.

What the study revealed is that short men were less likely to get married having an 18% marriage rate lower then that of men of average height at every age before 45 years old. This can be due to the facts that shorter men have a harder time dating and eventually getting married because they are viewed as being less masculine by society. However if a woman were to marry a shorter man she would be happy to know that shorter men were less likely to get divorced according to the data collected. They had a whole 32% lower divorce rate compared to the rates of tall and average height men.

Shorter men were also likely to do more and share more of the housework chores. They performed eight and a half hours of housework a week, which comprises 28% of the total, compared to tall men with only seven and a half hours. This can relate to the notions that taller men are more aware of the status they hold due to their height and therefore do less work at home.

The researchers also found that short men were more likely to be the breadwinners at home and estimated that 79% make more money than their significant others compared to only 71% and 70% of tall and average height men respectively. However this research is conflicted with previous research saying taller men make more money.

The study coincides with a recent study in the Journal of Family Issues that found about 50% of women take caution when choosing male partners on online dating sites, like Tinder for example, search for men that are taller then themselves. Are they more superficial? The same was found when the researchers took a survey of college students and saw that 30% of women would feel awkward around dating a guy shorter then them.

From the study it is clear that short men are definitely getting the shorter end of the stick but maybe it is time women put aside the societal prejudices and not worry about height as a factor in choosing a mate. Short men just keep standing tall and don’t worry, Mrs. right is probably right in front of you and all she has to do is look down.

Shorter men also live longer according to a study conducted on Japanese men.