The Sex Secret You’re Not Using

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Make her yours

The first kiss can indicate the passion, ability and experience a potential partner has, which can also determine the next date. The appearance of a man’s teeth helps determine his kiss-ability. Kiss lightly around her mouth, on her cheeks or on her neck – that’s a very sensual thing to do, Then when you reach her mouth, kiss her very softly on the lips – no insert-tongue-here kisses. Going slowly is sure to entice her.

Keep her happy – and enthusiastic

Once she’s yours, going face-to-face on a regular basis is vital for the health of a long-term union. Make an effort to kiss her even when sex isn’t on the cards, that way there’s an affectionate and a sexual component to kissing. Long term, the more persistent you are with the kisses, the more sex you’ll have. Male saliva has trace amounts of testosterone – and testosterone is an aphrodisiac. So passing saliva during open-mouth kissing over extended periods might help raise her testosterone levels and affect her sex drive.

Reduce her stress

Kissing can help melt tension away. Additionally, there was a rise in oxytocin – the “cuddle drug” associated with attachment and the sense of calm and security we feel in relationships – in the men. Lip service to make sure your partner harnesses the same positive effects from a make-out session as you do, up the romance. The setting of a kiss can affect how women perceive it. Women’s oxytocin levels decreased during kissing when the environment was clinical. When the researchers switched to a more attractive environment, the women reported feeling greater intimacy with their partner.

Send problems packing

When things go awry in a relationship, kissing can be your cavalry. There is still lots
to learn about kissing in a relationship. When you feel comfortable, kissing can become a game with both of you learning new techniques and skills to please your partner. Kissing is not only a passionate experience, but an emotional one too. Putting your emotions into a kiss will make a good kiss great. It’s much more powerful than we realise. There’s nothing more vulnerable and more erotic than kissing someone’s eyelid – you have to really trust someone to let them kiss your eye.

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