The Life Lessons This Zero-BS Model Swears By

Jess to impress.

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Jess Lee Buchanan is a self-described Zero-BS model. No Surprise: Her advice is fluff-free too. The Women’s Health cover girl reveals why you should always have positive energy and not be afraid to take risks. And she’ll teach you a quick way to open that jar you’ve been struggling with.

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The Motto

It’s up to you to make your day good. “Being on shoots all the time is hard work,” says Jess. “But I’ve realised it’s not up to the team I’m working with to create the vibe and energy to make it fun. You have to have a bit of spice about you to energise those around you. I think I’ve got a flexible personality – I’ve learnt to cope in a lot of environments.”

The Stats

Want a good ratio? Jess has just 343 posts on Instagram, but has amassed 509 000 followers. The trick: not being afraid to shoot a few shots and picking your favourite. Or, making herself look taller in a bikini by “hitching your bikini bottoms above your hips,” she says. Sorcery. Proof that it works? Just check out her Insta profile.

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The Workout

Find a way to exercise by doing something you love. “I don’t really like working out, although I know I have to because of my job – my trainer’s been telling me I need to lift my butt an inch! I love hiking though, so I never need encouragement to do that.”

The Skill

Finally open that jar you’ve stashed away out of pure shame.

  • Step 1: “Get a firm grip on the base of the jar,” says Jess.
  • Step 2: “Turn the jar upside down, so the lid is facing the floor.”
  • Step 3: “With a decent amount of force, hit the top of the jar against a chopping board.”
  • Step 4: “Open the jar and enjoy the pickle. Yay!”

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