The Intuitive Woman, The Logical Man?

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Whoever said men are from mars, women are from venus may have been onto something. A new study found remarkable differences in the neural wiring of the brain between men and women that researchers say could give credence to common beliefs about gender-specific behaviour.

In the study, 949 young participants between the ages of 8 and 22 underwent brain scans. Before around the age of 13, there were few differences in the neural wiring between males and females, but it escalated with age. In the cerebrum, the front part of the brain that controls our thinking, reasoning, emotions and memory, men had greater connectivity within each hemisphere of the brain while women had greater connections between each hemisphere. In the cerebellum, the back part of the brain that controls motor functioning, the pattern was reversed.

These patterns suggest that men have an efficient system for matching perception with coordinated action, while women have enhanced communication between the analytic left side of the brain and the intuitive right side of the brain. See what else differentiates us from the ‘fairer’ sex:

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