TV personality, celebrity chef and entrepreneur Lorna Maseko is a well-known face in South African entertainment. Whether she’s hosting shows or cooking up a show on her Youtube channel, Lorna constantly provides her fans with tasty content. Here, she serves up some dating advice, and tells us how to impress a woman.

Photo by Sean Laurenz

The First Date

First impressions last – we know this. But the exact formula for winning a woman’s approval on that very first meeting is still a mystery to mankind. However, what not to do is way more obvious. Lorna doesn’t approve of loud chewers and bad breath, regardless of how good the banter is. “Brush your teeth, buy some chewing gum. Fix it,” she says. Although she likes a subtle first date, Lorna does enjoy a bit of luxury in the mix. “I’m a big foodie,” she admits, “so you might have to put a little more thought into it to impress me.”

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The Man Of Her Streams

With modern technology constantly tweaking how we communicate with each other, having an online presence has become vital in both our work and our personal lives. It can definitely affect your relationship, too. I mean, who doesn’t hate being ghosted? Lorna certainly does – she approves of split-second replies and the tasteful use of GIFs and memes. “A man who replies in 0.3 seconds is a man after my own heart,” she explains. “It shows that he’s clearly interested. It’s cute.” What about Netflix and chill? According to Lorna, it’s a good move in her books to let her choose what to watch. “That’s a big yes from me.”

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Photo by Sean Laurenz

Cook Your Way To Her Heart

Admit it: you’re a whole different person when you’re hungry compared to when you’re fed. This applies to both women and men. But what could you possibly cook for a celebrity chef to get her from “hangry” to happy? Lorna advises to keep it simple. “A toasted cheese, egg and avo sandwich. I think that’s the basic meal that every guy should be able to make.” Warning: she was a finalist on Celebrity Masterchef SA, but that doesn’t mean you can invite her to dinner at your place and expect her to cook for you. “There’s lots you need to do to impress me first. Take it easy.” And don’t even think about putting pineapple on pizza.

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