The Best Way To Join The Mile High Club

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Economy is cramped, business is better, first class makes you feel famous, but nothing compares to the Suites Class on Singapore Airlines. This is the most luxurious class when it comes to flying. Introduced by Singapore Airlines in 2008 the Suites Class is commercially available for $18 400 or around R200 000, round trip from Singapore to New York. Exclusively available on their Airbus A380, the Suites Class upgrades you from just normal flatbeds to your own little luxurious private cabin with sliding doors to cocoon you off from the rest of the world.

French luxury yacht designer, Jean-Jacques Coste, has designed its interior. It showcases the largest airplane leather armchair, which has been hand-stitched by Italian master craftsmen, Poltrona Frau. The seat then just doesn’t go flat when its time to sleep. Rather you step a side while a flight attendant completely transforms the suite into a bedroom with a full size stand-alone bed. If you occupy a middle Suite cabin the partition that separates the two can be brought down and allow for a double bed to be made. Singapore Airlines were the first and only commercial airline with a double bed in the sky.

The cabin also comes equipped with a non-stop entertainment system. It will engage you as a passenger in a huge range of entertainment options from audio and video-on-demand on your very own 23-inch LCD screen, another first for biggest in the sky, and state of the art Bose headphones. There is also an easy accessible multi-port with power supplies and USB ports for all your business endeavors.

The restroom for the Suites cabins are fashioned in true royalty fit for a King with a Hollywood styled mirror and foldable seat that is said to be more comfortable than most in economy class. You are event given a Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit that includes a full size bottle of cologne. Also Givenchy products such as slippers, pajamas and even the blankets and pillows you sleep with are provided to make you feel, smell and look more like royalty throughout your trip.

Forget about beef or chicken options wrapped in plastic. Forget about food trolleys rolling up and down the aisle. With the Suites cabins you can experience exquisite dining of their lavish options from their menus. Indulge in a five course suppers or use the ‘Book the Cook’ service they offer which allows you to pre-order any specific meal before the flight and is then put on board especially for you. Singapore Airlines celebrated International Culinary Panel creates all meals and offers a wide selection of the finest wines, Champagne and Bordeaux to mention a few.

Apart from the royal features and fancy luxuries you also are also treated like a king, president, Lord, whatever title you would like to be addressed as, which you do when sorting out your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer profile. Crewmembers come out to personally introduce themselves and great you. Escort you around to your Suite. Serve every possible command you could give, even a tour of the plane without any hesitation. They are so attentive to your needs that they will check up on you every couple of minutes but not in an annoying in-your-face-kind-of-way. They will simply stroll past your cabin without a word until you summon them. Or you can ask for no disturbances with just a push of the ‘do not disturb’ button in your suite.

Singapore Airlines has created a world just for you and takes traveling to a whole new level. Check out Derek Low’s trip in photos onboard the Airbus, flying in the Suites Class, and see how it feels to fly like royalty. He describes it as one of the world’s best airline experiences that starts even before you get on the plane. The check-in lounge is not just a lounge; it’s a hotel and Suites Class flyers are invited through to the Private Room. A first class lounge pulsating on steroids, bulging with elegance, style and a friendly service to keep you extremely happy well before you fly.