Talk Her Out Of That Bikini

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Skinny-dipping will spark her sense of adventure and strengthen your bond, says
Bridget Marquardt (one of Hefner’s ex-girlfriends) of

We know why you like the idea of skinny-dipping: naked woman! But it turns her on too because it’s a shared adventure.

“If there’s a partnership in doing a dangerous thing, there’s a real sense of bonding,” says Marquardt. “Plus, the feeling of freedom is sexy.”

So play up the partnership angle and promise you’ll drop your rods first. Ease into it Don’t be too quick to coax her out of her clothing. Let her enter the water at her own pace. Offer to hold her bikini in case she needs to put it back on while she’s in the water.

And don’t be too playful while you’re in there. Keeping quiet is sexier, Marquardt says. Stay close to her so she feels safe. And enjoy.