Sweet Seduction

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Pastries get a bad rep for no good reason. Think about it, did anyone ever tell you that eating tons of cake is good for you? “Eating cakes should be looked at as an indulgent moment and a treat, usually with a celebration involved,” says Eric Lanlard, restaurant owner and star of BBC Lifestyle’s Glamour Puds. “Like all good things moderation is the key word. We’ve got a lot of sportsmen coming to Cake-Boy [Lanlard’s London cake boutique]. Mostly footballers, rugby players and Olympic rowers; they’re a proof that a little indulgence is good for you.”

And even the gluten-free, quasi-paleo modern cavemen can get in on the rich goodness. “If for health or diet reasons you are cutting down on gluten that’s not a problem as gluten free flours are getting better and better,” explains Lanlard. “I’ve started using chestnut flour for our clients with a gluten free diet. It makes some great tasty bakes.”

There’s a cake for everyone and everyone can bake, but treating your lady to a red velvet cupcake at Wolves Café isn’t the hip thing anymore. Lanlard says the new trend is éclairs. “We’ve moved away from boring and predictable chocolate or coffee and welcomed exciting flavours like salted butter caramel, fizzy candy strawberries, popping chocolate hazelnut and Persian pistachio,” he explains. “The decoration has received a full make over with printed chocolate toppings with edible pictures of modern art.”

And don’t worry, okes are big into cake overseas, so you won’t come across as soft. “We’ve found that men will always go for a dessert or a cake when visiting our boutique. Obviously they usually don’t go for pink glittery cupcakes, but they are much more adventurous than the ladies who will always go for safe option like cupcakes,” Lanlard says. “Men don’t just like eating cakes, but they like making them too, and they are very good at it! They are very precise which is key to good baking and they’re competitive so they are always on a mission to make their cake the best of the class. Remember that in Europe most pastry chefs are men.”

So now that you have license to let loose in the kitchen, here are a couple paleo-friendly flourless treats for the modern caveman.