Summer Lovin’

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As the season of sizzle is fast approaching and temperatures start to soar, researchers were interested in which time of the year are people most interested in sex?

According to a study, this claims that in the early months of summer and winter is when people are looking to have sex.

Now, that summer is to be expected the heat could stir many on and who could forget the revealing clothes.

However, winter is a bit of a surprise as all the eating in the festive season does not leave one in peak physical condition.

Researchers at the private Villanova University, Patrick and Charlotte Murkey have studied internet searchers for sex and found that; they increase in December and during the winter.

They examined data as far back as January 2006 to March 2011, and found consistent trends in all the years that they studied.

People searched more often for pornography and match-making sites. According to Medical Daily “Their findings are consistent with peaks in birth, abortion, and STD diagnosis rates which indicate rates of sexual activity.”

On the increase…

Prostitution related researchers were increased by 2.78% during these peak periods, match- making sites increased by 5.67% in January and July whilst pornography searches went up by 4.28 % which is above average in December and June.

Patrick and Charlotte Markey theorize “that the reasons for increased sexual interest probably lie in increased human contact. During the holiday season in December, where people are brought together for Christmas and especially New Year’s Eve, people have more social contact than during other parts of the year. During the summer, too, there is an increased amount of social activity.”

Summer is the season of sunblock, sand and sizzle; so there is no harm in wanting to heat things up a ‘lil more.

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Alice Paulse