Stress Lowers Her Arousal

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If your chick isn’t satisfied in bed, maybe you’re not the problem – unless you’re the cause of her stress. Women in the high stress group had lower levels of genital arousal, higher levels of distraction and higher cortisol levels which likely contributed to reduced physical arousal, found a new study. Arousal was measured through an erotic video sequence, followed by a quiz measuring degree of distraction. Stress levels were rated on the stress measurement scale, of which the standard adult score is 20.5, while those in the high stress group scored above 45. This may indicate that chronic stress affects women physiologically more than psychologically. If you think stress might be the problem, help her de-stress by giving her a Stress Busting Massage. Try some of our Secrets To Arousing Her, then give her The Best Orgasm Of Her Life.

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