Stop Doing This In Bed – You’re Scaring Her Away!

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In a survey of almost 1 500 women, published online in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women were asked how the sexual functioning of their partners affected their own sexual satisfaction and their relationships.

Only 9% of their partners were diagnosed with premature ejaculation (Do you have ED? Check these 5 Surprising Factors That Could Cause Erectile Dysfunction), though 63, 1% wanted their partners to have better ejaculatory control in the sack.

Of the women surveyed, 20% were troubled by their partner’s lack of control, 48% felt their partners’ preoccupation with restraint led to lack of sexual attention, 40% said they were bothered by the short duration from the time of penetration to ejaculation and only 20% reported being concerned about their male partner’s feelings about his performance.

On average, women felt the ideal duration for penetration should last 23, 2 minutes – excluding foreplay. Maybe it’s time to Soup Up Your Sex Life, mate. These are Her Top Five Fantasies.

There was a greater likelihood that a woman would end a relationship with a man who obsessed with premature ejaculatory problems. Researchers say this may be due to performance becoming a focal point and lack of sexual control accounts for 1/4 of couples’ break-ups.