Stairway To Her Heavens

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1. The important zones are the inner thigh, behind the knee and behind the ankle. Look at this as an exploration rather than a planned trip. Always start low and aim high.

2. Begin with the feet. Cup her feet with both hands, using the largest area of your palm on the sole of her foot and your other hand around her toes. This prevents her becoming too ticklish.

3. Remember that massage is associated with relaxation. You do not want to relax her, you want to stimulate. Think of it as flirting with your hands, which means a light teasing of her skin.

4. A silk scarf or feather will do wonders. Want to be unique? Bring in a watercolour paintbrush and replicate the motion of painting on her skin. The soft bristles give off a silky feel you can’t get from fingers.

5. As you move between the erogenous zones, linger longer where you get the best response. And then come back to it. Work your way up to the prize, but take your time – your reward will be more satisfying.

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