Speak Her Language

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Listen to the tone of her voice. Apparently, the hotter she finds you, the lower her voice gets.

In a report in the Journal of Non-verbal Behaviour, researchers analysed voice messages varsity students left for attractive members of the opposite sex and found that both men and women went deep. The study showed that both men and women find a low-pitched voice most attractive. Men like its seductive qualities, while for women it signals masculinity, reproductive fitness, confidence, self-esteem and control.

Say this, not that

You’ve heard it before, pick-up lines don’t work, but how can you make an impression? By complimenting her (flattery gets you everywhere right?) with her clothes on. Subtlety is essential: the challenge lies in making compliments appear both natural and genuine. Here are the Girl Next Door’s top five tips for approaching the hottie at the beach bar:

1/ Relax.

If you’re uncomfortable, so is she.

2/ Be interested…

At this early stage, it’s more important than being interesting. Start with eye contact. There’s nothing more off-putting than the guy who can’t keep his eyes from roaming the bar.

3/ Practice active listening.

That means not racking your brain for something to say, but prompting with relevant questions and remembering some of the things she mentioned if this gets to date two.

4/ Have a trump card.

If the conversation fades, have a witty observation or piece of trivia (nothing weird or controversial) in your repertoire to spark dialogue.
5/ Keep it together. One of the best descriptions I heard about an overkeen guy chatting up a hot girl was “appearing too thirsty”. A little mystery is crucial.