Smell Out Your Preferred Gender

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If you remove deodorant, perfume and the smell of washed clothes, all of us give off a unique and distinctive scent – especially when we’re on the lookout for a mate.

Previous studies found that genders produce sex pheromones, but new research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have discovered that these pheromones trigger something in our subconscious.

Researchers found that we are able to sniff out the gender we’re attracted to. Another study found men have An Eye For Sex Partners which means they assess potential sexual partners visually.

During tests, not only did men recognise the smell of women, but gay men were equally able to distinguish the smell of men.

Whiffs of the active steroid ingredients androstadienone in males, and estratetraenol in females influence our perceptions of movement as being either more masculine or more feminine, the study found.


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