Slow Dance Like a Man

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Steer away from the one dance move that women do not want you to master (above) and use these tips below, for the one dance move that all women want men to master.

Before you protest, let’s be real and clarify that slow dancing or just dancing in general with your partner or lady friend is still a thing that makes women swoon and this has other women thinking just who is that guy that is not afraid to slow dance with his lady.

If you’re thrown out your dancing shoes, and are you looking to brush up your dance floor skills or if you want to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner and impromptu slow dance; then we have just the right moves for you.

Start here…

Find the Beat

Try tapping your foot to the beat and listen for a “quick, quick, slow” rhythm for a moment so your foot can pause.

Lead Firmly

Always letting your lady lead? Its time you took the reins by imagining that your stomach is guiding you in each step’s direction- this will give you a stronger lead.

Make a Box

Step forwards slowly with your left foot; take two beats to do it, then bring your right foot forwards and to the right (quick: in one beat) and place your left foot beside it (quick). Step backwards on your right foot (slow) and take a side with your left foot (quick), bringing in your right foot (quick) and repeat.

Simple enough right? Women are aware that you cannot all be like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook or Richard Gere in Shall We Dance, but you will get major points for trying.


– Alice Paulse