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Just Teasing

She may be giving you mixed signals. In a University of Texas poll, 64 percent of women admitted to “sexually teasing” a man. That is, they tried to make him think they would have sex but had no intention of closing the deal at that time. Motives varied, but a theme emerged: if she teases, she’s probably interested in a future encounter.

Read Her Body Language

The conversation is flowing, but is she really into you? Try shifting your stance and watch to see if she does the same. Women show attraction by mirroring your moves, report Dutch researchers.

In the study, scientists observed pairs of strangers flirting and found that the more attracted a woman was to a man, the more she would unconsciously copy his fidgeting and posture changes. “Mimicking is an automatic response when we like someone, and it acts like a social glue,” says study author Dr Ischa van Straaten. And the process works both ways. So if she seems cold, subtly mirror her body language – it may help her warm up to you.

Hit “Play” For Sex

Danish researchers discovered that women who watch X-rated films have better sex. In a poll of 300 women who watch porn, 68 percent said that skin flicks helped them better understand their desires in bed. Not sure how to broach the topic? Suggest it as foreplay. If she’s interested but hesitant, try films directed by Victoria Hart. Shot with a woman’s perspective, they emphasise sensuality, says sex therapist Dr Patti Britton. “She’s threatened by another woman turning on her man, but watching people having sex will arouse her,” Britton adds.

Number of women who have hit on a guy because they…

Wanted to make him sexually interested– 69%

Wanted to make themselves feel desirable – 52%

Were joking or made a bet with friends – 28%

Wanted to date him in the future – 22%

Wanted to make him suffer – 7%

Wanted to make his girlfriend angry – 6%

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