Seduce Her With Lingerie

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Welcome to the Men’s Health Lingerie Guide, the pleasure is all ours

Grab hold of something, because I’m about to blow your mind: there’s a difference between underwear and lingerie. I know, right? You see underwear is sensible and functional. Lingerie, however, is an occasion. Kinda like when you get to use your Leatherman.

Its application is much more conscious – the feel of silk as it slides up a thigh, lace caressing breasts – which flicks some seriously sensual switches. Not only does well-made, well-fitting lingerie feel amazing, it’s thrilling to know what’s concealed under our clothes. Lingerie’s powers of seduction and the response when it’s revealed to you, is intoxicating.

Beautiful lingerie is an incredibly memorable gift. “It’s extremely intimate,” says model Lisa Cowley. “If you get it spot on, then that means that you know me really well.”
Here’s how to pick the perfect gift to seduce your girl.

*VIDEO Lingerie tips with Lisa Cowley

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