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The Rules of the Game can get you laid, loved, married, immortalized. 4 Rules from a master pick-up artist


Don’t stare at her for too long before approaching, as this will creep her out and you’ll psyche yourself out. Instead smile, which signals that you’re a friend and not an enemy. Also you don’t have to wait for her to be alone. Approach her in a group of friends, win them over, and you have her. Never apologize for approaching her – no “Excuse me,” “I’m sorry,” which make you sound like a begger. Also no generic compliments and definitely no pick up lines. Instead ask her an interesting question, like: “what’s a good name for a 3-legged cat?”


She’s into you if her: eyebrows are raised, her eyes widen, she smiles, her body is turned towards you, she nods her head up and down…
She’s not into you if: she’s frowning, her arms are crossed, her head is shaking from side to side, her eyes are squinting…

Asking her on a date

If you phone her, smile, she’ll hear it. Use a deep, calm, comfortable voice. Don’t talk too fast. Also, don’t frame your date as a date – invite her to “hang out”, “tag along” or “join” you. If she can make it, great. If not, let her know about something else on your social calendar. But only one. You’re not desperate. After you’ve got the asking out the way don’t end the conversation. Start some banter and end the call on a high note.

Indicators of Interest

Pay attention and you’ll see if she’s into you. Here are a few clear signs that can help you tell whether she’s attracted to you. They’re subtle so don’t just rely on one, wait until you’ve got several before making your move.
She asks you questions about yourself.
She leans in towards you.
You make a joke, that isn’t that funny, and she laughs.
She playfully punches you.
She finds an excuse to touch you.
She holds your eye contact.
She mirrors your movements.
She displays a combination of subconscious attraction gestures: lip licking, hair twirling, pupil dilating…

Got a couple of those going on? Now lean in and kiss her.

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