Relationship Advice From a Super-Couple

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Farryl Purkiss is a chilled-out musician who lives on a wine farm and surfs the cold atlantic. Yuliya Danylyuk is a model from the Ukraine who speaks three languages. They met on the internet.

How did you two meet and how long have you guys been dating for?

F: A good friend of mine Sean ended up sharing an apartment with Yuliya in London. One night Yuliya challenged Sean’s taste in music. Sean has one opinion when it comes to music, his, so he got mad, and he suggested she find his friend Farryl on Facebook and take her argument to him instead. So she did, but there was no argument. We have been together for a year and a half now.

Had either of you ever dabbled in Internet dating before?

Y: No, that’s what facebook is for.

Would you say that you fell in love with the other’s mind, that you were attracted by the other’s words, or was it the good-looking profile pics that did it?

F: We would both agree that it was a combination of the above that lead to it.
Y: Yeah, it came with the full package. Take it or leave it. But I’m sure Farryl didn’t add me on fb because of my black rimmed glasses.

What other technology did you use: skype, BBM etc?

F: Video skype, smoke signals and telepathy.

Was it at any time awkward?

Y: My man would agree that the very first time we spoke on skype was a bit odd, but in the end it lasted for eight hours straight. How’s that for a first date?

Was it weird meeting up in real life?

F: The first day we met we moved in together, is that weird?
Y: The next morning wasn’t weird either.

The story has a happy ending though, right?

F: By the time you read this we will be Mr and Mrs Purkiss.

For all those people looking to have what you’ve got, what advice can you give them?

Y: Find out what the other persons music taste is before you commit to anything.

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