Recreational Sex Drug Use A Hard Act To Follow

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What are the effects of using erectile dysfunction medications recreationally?

In this study researchers investigated prescription drug abuse of the popular EDM (erectile dysfunction medications) Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Seventy-two of the men participating in the study had used EDM for solely recreational purposes within the past month. Their sexual functioning levels did not substantially differ from levels of non-users, however the use of EDM without medical need did seemingly affect users psychologically.

Reduced sexual confidence was self reported by users as well as concerns about their ability to attain and maintain erection when not taking the medication.

Recreational users also reported lower overall satisfaction with the sexual act than non-users and greater frequency of using EDM directly correlated with diminished expectations of natural erection function.

Researchers suggest the lower satisfaction rating may be the result of performance anxiety that may have led to the initial recreational use of EDM.

A second suggestion is that use of EDM may boost user performance therefore setting an expected performance level beyond natural abilities. The above theories plus the potential causation links between EDM abuse and psychologically induced erectile issues are noted as possible avenues of exploration for follow-up studies.

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