Priyanka Chopra Shares What It Takes To Impress A Woman

Dancing, cooking and more...

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“A man talking about his beliefs, what he stands for? That’s sexy. The star of Quantico says it’s not that difficult to impress her, all you have to do is…

Make Her Dance

Indians express their free spiritedness through dancing at every opportunity, Chopra says. “Any kind of celebration is an excuse to dance.” The key to being a good dance partner? Be yourself.

“Not everyone can be a Travolta, but anyone can be a good dancer. Just feel the vibe and the beat and hold your woman’s attention, whether it’s with your eyes, your moves or your hands.”

Sweat The Small Stuff

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“Listen. Share. Be unapologetic about who you really are”

It’s the small gestures that show you care for her, support her and know what she likes, says Chopra. “Make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world.” Chopra recalls waking up one morning to find an espresso machine sitting on her doorstep. A friend, it turns out, had picked up on the fact that she loves coffee and functions better on it. “It was a sweet, thoughtful, meaningful gesture,” she says.

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Open Up To Her

Chopra says her idea of a great date is a moonlight sail on a yacht. For those of us who aren’t movie stars: “It’s all about having an opportunity for meaningful conversation,”she says.

Material possessions – clothes, cars, jewellery – don’t impress her. “A man talking about his work, his beliefs, what he stands for? That’s sexy,” she says. “And of course he has to be able to make me laugh and to laugh at himself.”

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Spoon With Her

“When a man cooks for me, it’s an extreme turn-on,” says Chopra, who freely admits that she can barely boil an egg. “The act of preparing food is so visual, and seeing someone make some- thing with their hands is sexy.”

It doesn’t have to be elaborate and fancy, she says. “A friend put on an apron and made me a simple pasta dish. What’s important is that he made a special effort for me.”

Tell The Truth, Always

The biggest relationship mistake men make is lying, says Chopra. “You tell a little lie to avoid confrontation or to brush things under the rug… don’t! Women have huge hearts. Something that might seem big in your head always becomes smaller when you talk about it. Get it over with. Sort shit out.”

Ultimately, it’s about respect and not having double standards. “Treat other people the way you’d expect to be treated. A true partner helps you be the best person you can be.”

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