Pearl Thusi Tells Us How To Get Her Number And Make A Killer Impression

Listen up, fellas. This leading lady will teach you her winning ways.

She starred in the action-packed Quantico series, owned the red carpet at the 2018 BET awards, and is now the host of a new show on MTV Base called #BehindTheStory. It’s clear that the actress and model Pearl Thusi knows what it takes to be successful. You better be taking notes.

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You wear many hats, and very successfully too. How do you deal with first-day jitters of starting a new job?

It’s like the first day of school all over again: once you get to know someone, find your way around – even if it’s just locating the bathroom – and get a sense of what you need to do, those jitters will start to disappear. In a week you won’t even feel like an outsider anymore. But don’t try fit in for the sake of fitting in. The best way to fit in is not fit in at all. I learnt early on that it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you won’t stand out and remain memorable if you’re copycatting the people around you.

If anything, the only consistency should be that everyone is a very different part of a strong, united team. You do you: focus on being kind and respectful towards the people around you.

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How can guys dress to impress in the office?

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To be honest, I don’t know where I stand with the whole putting-up-a-front vibe. But I get that in this world, sometimes, you have to fake it until you make it. So here we go: dress how you want to be addressed. Visualise your biggest professional idol and imagine how you want them to see you. What would you hope to look like the day they first meet you in a professional environment?

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What are the signs that it’s time to leave behind the safety of the stable job and take on a new challenge?

A plateau is always a good sign that you should try take on new challenges in your current position. This doesn’t mean that every time you hit a ceiling, it’s time to resign.

When you’re bored, you’re not motivated and you’re not feeling inspired. That’s bound to make you unhappy – so look for new ways to excel. But if that extra effort goes unrewarded, maybe it’s time to move on.

What are some good habits you live by, that any guy could benefit from right now?

I’m all about looking after our environment. And it’s not just about preserving what we have for future generations, it makes financial sense too. Use less water in the shower, recycle and stop wasting food – you’re saving money. I think it’s sexy.


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Not only will you see benefits in your own life, but the world does too. Got a beard, a six-pack and you save money and the world every day? You’re awesome. Gimme your number.

How do you cut through the BS and make sure you’re not chasing dead leads?

Follow your instincts. Seriously, some of the most successful guys got to where they are now on intuition alone. That said, don’t give into your fears. If something looks scary then it means you should take it on, because it’s challenging and you wouldn’t be afraid if you didn’t really want it.

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How do you turn things around when the chips are down?

It can be rough when it feels like the odds are stacked against you – but remember, nothing has the power to bring you down, and no one else has the power to destroy your career – the power is in your hands. When things are going badly, think of the bigger picture and leap at any opportunity that comes your way.


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