New Male Contraceptive Hopefully Coming in 2017

Men's Health |

A contraceptive gel for men that works similarly to a vasectomy could be available by 2017.

The gel is injected into the vas deferens, which is the tube that sperm uses to flow from ones testicles on its way out of your body. Once the gel is there, it’s preventative effects are long lasting, however unlike a vasectomy, the effects can simply be reversed if the user undergoes another injection to the vas deferens.

The drug has already been tested on rats and rabbits and it’s currently been tested on baboons. Human trials are set to begin next year.

“If everything goes well and with enough public support, we hope to get Vasalgel on the market in 2016 – 2017,” according to a statement by the Parsemus Foundation an Indian non-profit that’s responsible for the drugs development.

The Parsemus Foundation has not specifically stated how much the gel injection would cost, but they have said, “A contraceptive shouldn’t cost more than a flat-screen TV!” Meaning that the eventual cost of the contraceptive should be cheaper than raising a child.

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