Myth Busted

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Female ejaculation has always continued to confuse both men and women alike. According to a recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine it claims that women who release a large dose of fluid during arousal or orgasm is put simply as just being involuntary urination.

The study took seven women who have regularly expelled 15ml to 110ml, which is almost a tablespoon to half a cup, of liquid during sexual intercourse. The study took ultrasounds to examine the content volume of the women’s bladders pre-sex after being emptied, during their peak arousal, and after what is known as “squirting”.

What the study found was that the bladder refilled after sexual stimulation, but was empty after liquid output during orgasm. The fluid, which was expelled during sex, was also tested and was confirmed to contain urea, creatinine and uric acid thus leading them to conclude the fluid was indeed urine.

Researchers then suggested that in order to improve this involuntary stream is by frequently urinating during any sexual stimulating activity.

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