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It started off well enough…

The primary reason for the divorce…

“We just weren’t right for each other.” 46%

“She changed after we got married.” 41%

“We were just too young.” 23%


84% of our divorced men married at age 30 or younger.

Why say I do?

51% married because they were in love.

38% made the commitment because it seemed like the next logical step.

15% did it because they wanted kids.

How did you know it was time for divorce?

She was cheating. 34%

She wanted out. 24%

I wasn’t attracted to her anymore. 23%

Our sex life was on the rocks. 18%

We ran out of things to talk about. 15%

I was cheating. 13%

I was thinking about cheating. 10%


of the men initiated the divorce.

and the same percentage often or sometimes regret it…

In hindsight, what were the signs you were growing apart?

We were rarely or never having sex. 50%

We were living completely separate lives and had separate friends. 45%

We were fighting all the time. 41%

We were talking only about the bills and kids. 23%

No touch

40% of men had emotional affairs while they were married.

49% of men believe their exes had them.


34% of men had physical affairs.

35% believe their ex-wives had them.

Where did the affair begin?

Work 68%

Online 16% – a dating service.

Online 15% – an ex sought me out.

Online 9% – I sought out an ex.


don’t regret cheating on their ex-wives


say their sex lives are better now.

I do

89% still believe in marriage and would happily walk down the aisle again if the right woman came along.

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