Marriage Kicks Cancer

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Guys generally don’t look for a reason to kneel down in front of their better halves and pleadingly pop a ring on their finger, but take note of this one – it could save you from cancer.

In a Norwegian study, cancer patients’ survival data was compared with their marital status – married, divorced, widowed or never married. Looking at nearly 40 years of medical records, the study showed that if you get cancer and never get hitched you are more likely to die (17% in 1970-74 and 35% in 2005-2007).

This is regardless of your age, where the tumour is and how severe the cancer is.

The study concluded “there is no obvious explanation for the increasing disadvantage among the never-married” but could be that it is more difficult for them to follow treatment therapies and they are less healthy when diagnosed.

The stats could be even worse for the life-long bachelor, as the study did not distinguish between single people and those who live with someone but are not married.

The researchers thought those who lived together but were not married shared many of the same benefits with married couples.

Bachelors for life best reconsider.

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