Maritza Veer

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Before you open your mouth, consider this:

Every conversation you have with a woman will likely be shared among a half dozen of her friends

“My girlfriends and I discuss every little detail about a guy – the players and the haters,” says model Maritza Veer. “ It might be a challenge, but I believe all woman want their own personalised superman to sweep them off their feet.” Here’s how to win her and your panel of critics at every stage
of the game.

The windows to my soul

I believe catching my eye is the first non-verbal step. Don’t undress me with your eyes, but do admire me with them. If you catch me quickly looking in the other direction and avoiding eye contact, that’s a sign it’s a no go. Save your breath.

Don’t talk about yourself

Don’t try to impress me by telling me how amazing you are on the first date. Once
I’m interested, then I’ll want to find out all I can about you.

Pay attention

On a first date, take me to a casual place and ask me fun questions, like, “describe your fighting style: thumb master or angry monkey?” And remember my answers. Bring them up at a later stage to show you paid attention.

Be discreet

Make me feel comfortable at all times in the bedroom. Don’t be shy to make some naughty suggestions – the more comfortable she feels, the more she’ll trust you, and the more she trusts you, the more she’ll try.

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