Marielle Jaffe

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Actress Marielle Jaffe (Scream 4) loves chocolate and sweets and whipped cream.

Nothing kinky: “I just want whipped cream on top of my brownie!” these are her food rules

Let her order

“I can read a menu and figure out what I want to eat. I’m independent,” Jaffe says. Collaborate with her on the starter, and then fly solo for the main course – but take notes. As you learn her tastes, you’ll impress her next time.

Flirt with fruit

She melts for chocolate, but it’s fruit that seduces her. “Fruit is natural, of the earth. Doing something good for my body makes me happy,” Jaffe says. “On a date, that happiness would then exude from within me.” Don’t feed her, though: “That sends a weird message.”

Cook for her

“Things that come from the heart mean more than things that come from the wallet,” Jaffe says. “Printing out recipes, taking the time to go to the shop – guys don’t like to look up instructions, so even that little gesture is adorable.”

Jog her memory

Her best date ended up in the children’s section of a bookshop. “We showed each other books our moms read to us,” Jaffe says. It works for food: “When I was a kid, I’d cut pomegranates open, sit with my friends and pick out the seeds.”