Making Her Naked

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1. Take a seat and position her standing with her back to you. Stroke her legs, then playfully tug at her suspenders. What you’re really doing is divining how they’re attached without appearing anything less than masterful.

2. Tackling the back ones first means she won’t notice any slight fumbles. The clasp comprises a hook and stopper. Slip your thumb behind the stopper
and slide up and loosen from the hook to free the stocking.

3. Turn her around to kiss her stomach and thighs again and repeat the process with the clasps on the front. Some have simple tension clasps that you can just pull apart. Which means more time for the next bit.

4. Once she’s unclipped, lay her down on the bed and stand or kneel so you can lift her leg to your chest. Start at the top of the stocking and slowly roll it down. Don’t pull from the foot as this warps the material.

5. Now do the same for the other leg. This technique gives you a full and tantalising view of the big unveiling and having her straighten her leg will give it a noticeably flattering shape. She will certainly notice.

6. Whether you remove the suspender belt is a matter of taste. Reach underneath and pull her up to arch her lower back. The clasp will be like the one on her bra, so this should be familiar territory.

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