Make Her Your Centrefold

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You have an awesome new camera. She’s shy. We’ll help. (You’re welcome…)


Even models who are paid for sexy photo shoots perform better when photographers say they’re gorgeous. Talk her up, telling her how great she looks. And keep things light – if you joke around, she’ll be more relaxed.


Don’t expect her to go all Bettie Page as soon as you start snapping. Instead, help her pick some poses that make her feel sexy. Start with these classics, which work whether she’s naked or in some sexy lingerie.

1. Sitting at the edge of the bed with her legs drawn up, her head resting on her knees, and her chest against her thighs. Take a shot from the side.

2. Lying on her back diagonally across the bed with her head at the bottom corner. Have her raise her arms above her head and look back toward you. Tell her to arch her back and point her toes. (Her waist will look thinner and her legs longer.)


Automatic flashes aren’t flattering. For a softer effect use flashlights or position two lamps, with shades, on each side of her. Or open the curtains and use natural light.


Switch to aperture (A or AV) mode. An aperture of 16 and a shutter speed of 1/30th of a second should work well in low light. For the best colour, set your white balance to “tungsten” if you’re using lamps. Then set your ISO: in low light, 400 to 1600 will work, with 400 giving you the smoothest result. (Experiment beforehand so you don’t kill the mood with your camera fiddling.)


You’ll ruin the momentum if you let her look at every shot. Promise that you’ll show her all of them – later, when you’re both in bed.

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