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For you, touch might be the beginning of the end; for women, it’s just the beginning.

Massage is a sure-fire way to unite her often preoccupied mind with her physical body. Aside from the health benefits of massage (relieving stress, improving immunity, easing pain, boosting blood flow), touch is an undeniably important aspect of a healthy relationship. Plus, a heightened sensuality, physical intimacy and trust means she’ll be less inhibited when you get to what you call the “main” event. With expert advice from Kristi Goodman, massage therapist at The Twelve Apostles Spa, our Men’s Health Girl Next Door, Amelia Frenkel, tested out a range of sensual massage oils.

Senze Swede Massage Candle


GND says:
“The fresh, natural smell is gender neutral and not over-powering, and the heated wax feels amazing!”

Expert advice:
“The ingredients and pure essential oils are natural, invigorating and nourishing, and the container makes it easy to pour.”

Lust Play Instinct fresh


GND says: ”The colour, strong perfume and packaging is altogether a little overpowering.”

Expert advice: “Highly perfumed with alcohol means it’s for external use only. It’s a little oilier than the others, containing jojoba and sweet almond oils, which will nourish the skin.”

Shunga “Intimate Kisses” Aphro-disiac Oil (Vanilla Fetish)


GND says: “A cute bottle, but very liquid consistency and strong vanilla scent – you
better check your lady is a fan of that aroma.”

Expert advice: “The sticky consistency (from the glycerine) coats the skin so it doesn’t penetrate. For external use only, so would need to be used in conjunction with a lubricant.”

Durex Play 2-in-1 Massage Gel

R100 Clicks

GND says: “A lube and massage all-in-one, that’s sensitive enough for the whole body and compatible with condoms. Both flavours are quite sweet smelling.”

Expert advice: ”Not the smoothest of the products: because it doesn’t contain oil, you would need to keep applying product to keep your hands moving fluidly, but it can be used all over.”

Shunga Erotic Massage Oil Libido Exotic Fruits


GND says: “The fragrance is quite strong and overly feminine if she’ll be returning the favour. The bottle has a pouring lid, which is easier than a slippery screw top.”

Expert advice: “The smell is overpowering (also external use only), but it wins on ingredients, like almond, grape seed, sesame seed and vitamin E oils.”

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