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If you the type of husband that believes in sharing responsibilities especially when it boils down to childcare and house work?

Then good for you and continue in that fashion buddy as it may pay off in more ways than you think; however if you are the husband that leaves the housework and childcare responsibilities to your wife, then you need to read why that needs to change.

According to a study done at George State University, sociologists found that sharing childcare duties will improve a married couple’s sex life and relationship quality.

“Couples who share childcare duties have higher quality relationships and better sex lives”.

I have heard many people say that once you have kids, things change and you hardly have time for yourself, let alone your husband or wife, with some joking that the minute you walk down the aisle and utter “I do”, sex ends too.

These findings were presented at the American Sociological Association (ASA) at the annual meeting by lead study author and sociology professor, Daniel L. Carson, said that “The important point to be made is that when we’re looking at child care, the difference that we find is really between arrangements where the mother is largely responsible for child care and everything else.”

Traditionally a mother’s role would be to see to their children which lessens the workload of the father but that does not necessarily mean that they would be happy as sharing these responsibilities could lead to increased happiness and more intercourse. “Happy wife, happy life’’, ring a bell?

The research team examined data from the 2006 internet based Marital and Relationship Survey; it looked at 487 heterosexual, low- middle income couples and examined the link between relationship qualities, sex and divvied childcare duties.

All the couples had children were divided up into three different groups, namely, men who did most of the childcare, women who did most of the childcare and couples who shared responsibilities.

According to Medical Daily “The researchers observed five different kinds of tasks across three dimensions of childcare, including who praised kids for their successes and who played with them the most. We only had one physical task, and that task revolved primarily around playing with the child, including sports and games, but nothing about who feeds or bathes the child.”

Couples who shared the child caring duties were found to be happier and were more sexually satisfied than couples where women were responsible for most of the childcare responsibilities as their relationship and sex life deteriorated.

These effects were felt by men as well.

“The researchers suggested these men might have become unsatisfied because they either placed a high value on being involved with their children’s upbringing, or because they had become unhappy that their partners were unhappy.”

Not entirely convinced yet that you need to ditch your remote and couch ritual to help your wife out?

A similar study presented at the ASA annual meeting discovered that “more paid work and housework couples did together, the more sex they had.” Meaning a more satisfying sex life and greater sexual intimacy, guys.

With traditional roles consistently being challenged, men who partake in activities and care for their children are seen as sexy (I agree).

So help out wherever you can, it will be to your benefit…

Sources: Medical Daily

Alice Paulse