These 3 Tips From Lisa Cowley Are The Only Ones You Will Ever Need When Buying Her Lingerie

Your Valentine's Day shopping inspiration

Walk into the likes of La Senza or the Woolie’s underwear aisle and you might think lingerie shopping is an impossible feat. But in reality all it takes is some thought beforehand and  a couple simple rules to avoid a disaster or gift-giving that ends in tears.

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These are Lisa’s top 3 Valentine’s Day lingerie tips:

1. Do your size homework and get a general feel for the colours in her underwear drawer.

This is probably the most important rule when it comes to lingerie shopping.  Buy a large instead of a medium and she will think she looks bigger than she is, buy a medium instead of a large and she will think you are trying to say she should size down. It’s a dangerous game you are playing and the line between between kinky sex and snot and tears is thinner than that thong you dream of seeing her in.

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2. Stay away from cheesy commercial prints, like “I love you” or red hearts.

You want to go for her sexy not “teen porn attire”. Seriously, nothing is more off-putting than a man buying you underwear that is more suitable for a 12 year old. She’s a grown woman and you’re a grown man. Be better.

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3. Wrap it up in a box, with ribbon and tissue paper. It’ll make unwrapping the gift so much more special and exciting.

If you hand her a crumple of lace and say “Here, wear this”, it’s not going to go well. Trust us.


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