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The male cheating gene… be her orgasm coach… Is she all talk?

Is She All Talk?

Red flag: she prefers Facebook chat to coffee talk. Women who regularly use instant messaging on social media sites tend to be more disagreeable and less empathetic than infrequent chatters, a new University of Alabama study found. Facebook flirting is fine, but if she wants to have all your major conversations online, she may be trying to hide unattractive traits, scientists say.

Be her orgasm coach

Her curves aren’t everything. Women who value what their bodies can do, not just their appearance, may climax more easily, a new study in Body Image found. Scientists assessed women’s appreciation of their bodies’ abilities and found a link to their ease and frequency of orgasm. A woman taking pride in her physical capabilities may shift her focus from her appearance to her sensations during sex, says study author Dr Sonya Satinsky. Your move: compliment her on her athletic skills outside the sack. If she believes her body is powerful, she’ll have more sexual confidence.

The male cheating gene

Was your papa a playboy? You may be at a higher risk of straying if your father cheated, suggests a new survey of 86 long-term couples in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. The scientists found no link between parental infidelity and cheating in women, however. The reason, “Men’s sexuality may be shaped during childhood more so than women’s,” says study author Dr Jan Havlicek, “Women’s infidelity is predicted more by the quality of their current relationship.”

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