Let Her Power Turn You On

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6:25 am and I’m straddling my boyfriend, J, working my way over to the bedside table. I feel his hands slide up my thighs and rest on my butt. He pulls my hips toward his. I take his hands and pin them over his head and then lean in to gently brush my lips against his neck. Then I reach over, turn off the alarm and hop out of bed. I want to hit the gym before work. Doing J right now would mean I wouldn’t be doing those predawn tasks – sending emails, reading up on industry news – that have helped me earn three raises, two title changes, an assistant and the power to hire and fire people twice my age.

Damn, it feels good to be on top! Every day as I wake up in my top floor apartment, I smile. I’m living the life I wanted, with a salary that supports my city lifestyle and pays for nice vacations. I feel on top of the world and I have plenty of female company up here. Honestly, I’m not trying to rub it in. I’m aware that unemployment from the Great Recession has hit men harder than women and that job growth in female-dominated fields like health services and education leaves us better positioned than men for economic recovery.

But our happiness shouldn’t threaten you; there’s something in this for men, too. Many experts believe that women on the rise can make the sexual playing field more fun. Turns out, women are displaying more confidence and assertiveness than ever before – qualities typically associated with men. But it’s not just about us picking up the tab. We’re stepping up our game in ways that mean less pressure on men and better sex for everyone – nothing less than a sexual golden age. You in?

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