Lee-Ann Liebenberg on How To Land Your Dream Woman

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Lee-Ann Liebenberg tied the knot earlier this year. Use her advice to impress your dream woman

Find the girl

I used to totally switch off when I saw a pick-up line coming, so I can’t remember any – I don’t think they work! Sincerity wins every time. Don’t try to be too slick. I look for a sense of humour in a man, and a brilliant mind intrigues me, too. Arrogance and guys who treat people who they deem have no value to them with little respect are the biggest turn-offs

Win her over

Show off your skills (if you have any!) in the kitchen – something sexy that you can eat with your fingers, like grilled prawns. I love it when a man acts like a gentleman. Pulling back my chair, holding the door… It speaks volumes. The same as treating your mom like a queen: she knows you’ll treat her with respect as well.

Make it last

Have some patience with us. I think moving in together before marriage just to “test the waters” or to travel somewhere foreign together is an important experience for couples. For a good relationship, you need to have a strong friendship. Plus honesty, communication, mutual respect and lots of passion!