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An ill-fitting rubber is an “oops” in the making. “If it’s too tight, it’s more likely to break,” says Dr Richard Crosby, a sex researcher at the University of Kentucky, “and if it’s too loose, it won’t stay on.” The key to a good fit? Buy a cross-section of condoms from the major brands, says Crosby. Test them during masturbation. “It’s like trying on jeans – you can tell right away which pair you feel most comfortable in.” Have a look at the Most Condom Concerns.

Schedule Dress Rehearsals
Trying to don a condom under pressure can lead to mistakes and
erection-wilting stress. Fortunately,
a study by Crosby found a solution young guys embraced: practise putting on a condom during masturbation. “Experimenting 
in privacy removed any pressure, 
awkwardness and sense of being judged and allowed them to master this skill,” he says. The idea is to replace conscious thought with reflexive action.

Shop for Two
Your own condom contentment is important, but if your mate isn’t happy, you’ll be only halfway to 
satisfying sex, says sex researcher Jenny Higgins, at the University of Wisconsin. Guys focus on fit and feel, she says, “but for many women, a condom’s lubrication is much more important.”

Your play: avoid rubbers with spermicidal lubricants, which can irritate vaginal tissues and keep a tube of water-based lube ready. Check out which are the ‘Best And Worst Condoms To Buy’

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