Kim Kardashian’s Booty Breaks Internet

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Kim Kardashian West, world-renowned booty, made the Internet go berserk today when Paper Magazine released their new winter cover. With photographer Jean-Paul Goude recreating his iconic “Champagne Incident” shot there was no one better than Kim K to fill the spot. The classy shoot sees Mrs. West in a tight ball gown, resting a champagne glass on her most valued ASSet. A stream of bubbly from the bottle in her hands cascades over her in an arch of deliciousness landing straight into the glass. But what has the world talking is the provocative alternate cover shoot that has generated a buzz all around the web, something she does on a daily basis, where the TV star sensation decided to bare her entire butt for the shoot. In line with Paper Magazine’s theme of ‘Breaking the Internet’ the shoot could not be more on point.

So gentlemen bask in the booty that is Kim Kardashian West but please don’t go popping your corks right away.

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