Is Cellphone Radiation Frying Your Sperm?

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Want to be a father? To be on the safe side, take your phone out of your pocket as often as possible.

A new review of ten previous studies by indicates that men who keep their cellphones in their pockets could be damaging their sperm.

The study states that sperm quality is measured in three different ways.  “motility (the ability of sperm to move properly towards an egg), viability (the proportion of sperm that were alive) and concentration (the number of sperm per unit of semen).”

Previous studies have already shown that radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation may have an impact on male fertility.

The researchers, led by Dr Fiona Mathews, of Biosciences at the University of Exeter, found that in control groups 50 to 85% of sperm have normal movement, but this drops by up to 8 percent when there is exposure to mobile phones.

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