Inside The Strip Club Offering Drive-Thru Shows During Coronavirus Pandemic

Plus, the strip club answered the shutdown with a delivery service called Food 2 Go-Go — a service in which dancers delivered food to customers.

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When there’s a will, there’s a way. And as cheesy as that sounds, the saying couldn’t hold truer for a strip club in Oregon, USA. While most single South Africans are in despair over their not-so-happening Tinder during the coronavirus pandemic, patrons at The Lucky Devil Lounge can get a socially responsible pole dance show, plus takeaway food.

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According to Daily Times, like every other non-essential business, Portland’s Lucky Devil was forced to close last month by order of Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s stay-at-home order. But the strip club owners have found a loophole, offering a drive-thru food service, with dancers.

The creative strategy is a way forward for the club to keep dancers employed. When the lockdown order was initially initiated, the club reportedly made headlines by answering the shutdown with a delivery service called Boober Eats— a service in which dancers delivered food to customers. Dancers worked as delivery people, with security guards serving as their drivers.


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But after being issued a cease-and-desist letter by Uber Eats, owner Shon Boulden made another plan. Boulden got in touch with an events company to create a drive-thru strip show set up, in which customers watch two songs worth of pole dancing before picking up their food from the safety of their vehicles – a concept promoted as Food 2 Go-Go. What’s more? Early customers get free toilet paper (yes, you read that right).

Dancer Sasha entertains patrons during the drive-thru at The Lucky Devil on May 01, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. The strip club offers drive-thru dances during the Coronavirus Pandemic. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

“Since food delivery started we’ve had a lot of local businesses showing us support and wanting to collaborate,” Boulden told The Oregonian. “A local event company that sets up stages, tents, things like that, called us up and were like, ‘We’re out of business, we’re not doing anything.’ They offered to build us a huge tent, two stages, a DJ booth, a couple of stripper poles with lights, lasers, fog machines and were like, we’ll just see how it goes.”

The rest is history. So, how does it work?

According to Insider, customers who order from The Lucky Devil can pay $30 (R548) per car and driver, plus $10 (R182) for any passengers in the car, to use the drive-thru and watch a show. This includes watching dancers on multiple stages while you wait for your food. The strip club drive-thru is open Fridays, Saturdays, and public holidays from 6pm to 10pm.

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The good news? The Lucky Devil’s strategy has paid off, and according to The New York Post, dancers are making good money. Boulden told the publication: “The dancers are making money. Everyone that comes through is super stoked and videotaping and throwing money and just being super cool. It’s exciting when there’s a carload of people happy to see these girls dance.”

See more below. Content warning: adult themes.


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